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Customer communication is very crucial for every business and thus all businesses need an efficient medium for this. For large businesses, communication always gets complicated to provide a consistent touch point. This is where IVR (Interactive Voice Response) system acts as the perfect solution. It offers virtual phone number through which customers get routed to the right service desk. It requires business’ APIs to get integrated with IVR system or dialer system to route calls.

It standardizes customer service calls by routing the calls to accurate division. In advance automated IVR, customers can get solution for their queries through computerized voice. It improves call standards by playing pre-recorded greeting messages that customers listens while dialing your helpline number. It can also personalize the greeting messages into regional language. During holidays or off-hours, it plays a pre-recorded message. During peak-time, it can easily handle high volume of calls by routing them to correct divisions. It can prioritize calls on the basis of customer LTV so that you never lose any high-value customer even in peak time.

We offer efficient IVR services to our customers that help in improving their business. Being one of the best IVR providers, we practice high ethics so that you get the best services from us.

• Easy to Configure Messages: Pertinax offers easy to use IVR system that can convert text into speech. It helps in customizing the IVR calls.
• Low cost: Our IVR services are cheaper in cost that helps in saving your investment.
• Web Based Solution: we offer completely web based solution that can be modified from any browser.
• Multi Level IVR: we offer highly customizable IVR system that allows users to create multiple branches in the IVR system. For example, customer gets option to select from “payment   issue” and “technical issue”. Selecting any of the option route the call to another IVR that connects to accurate division.
• High call routing mobility: our IVR system can be played on landline & mobile numbers that forward customer’s call directly to field sales team or related department in no time.
• Reports: As one of the best IVR solution providers, our system offer complete analytical report of all calls including the missed ones. This helps in evaluating call performance and   designing business strategy.

Our customer service team is continuously working to provide best solution if you ever get stuck with any technical difficulties. We are not only one of the cheap IVR service providers in this city but we also offer unparallel services that no one else offer.

This is another application which is being used by some companies as Hosted IVR service. With reducing bandwidth cost, and increasing internet penetration, IVR based complaint management system has potential to become preferred complaint management for smaller organizations.

There has been few instances where IVR based survey had been used in India. It is still in nascent stage, but this is one potential area. IVR survey offer many benefits over other traditional form of surveys like mailer, email, face to face, SMS etc.

If you want to take your business to the next level, you have come to the right place.
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