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Toll free numbers are quite a well known concept now and it is mostly used for rendering customer service facility. It offers intelligent network platform to the customers where they get connected to customer services by using a single number. Usually 1800 is the most common toll free number that you get to see often in many businesses. Toll free numbers does not charge the customers for calling cost but takes it from the service provider.

Advance toll free numbers comes with many rich features that include call greeting, cal routing and producing analytical cal reports. While set up with IVR, toll free numbers are able to play automated greetings to the caller and giving them options to choose from. It saves your work force and money as well as route the customer to correct division.

toll free number services
• It offers instant calling access to your customers from round the globe.
• It is highly customizable and you can choose routing preferences any time.
• It comes with an interactive working interface that offers real-time call routing.
• It is always in reach which makes your customers happy about your services.
• It also offers analytical report that comes with statistics of each and every call.

Our services are tailored with cheap prices so that you get cheap toll free number with higher efficiency. With us you just need to register your interest and our service team will do the rest. From rendering toll free number to providing customer service facility, you will get the best services with us only. We do not finish our responsibility only after assigning the toll free number.

• Low cost: with us, you have the privilege to choose a plan as per your convenience.
• Large range if number series: with us, you have the option to choose your toll free number from a large range of number series.
• Web based portal: our toll free number facility is totally web based and you can handle your custom call routing requirement through self-care portal.
• Access to Blacklist/whitelist numbers: we offer online access to all whitelist and black list numbers so that you know how to handle the calls.
• Wide subscription range: we offer flexible subscription option that can be accessed from any post-paid or landline number.
• Flexible routing: our toll free number system let you choose cal routing options according to time, traffic and geographical locations.
• Analytical report: with us, you get analytical report for each and every call that helps you evaluating agent performance and business process.

Our dedicated customer service team works everyday to provide you a uninterrupted support option if you get stuck at any time. So, to get a toll free number, contact us today.
If you want to take your business to the next level, you have come to the right place.

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